We asked the four La Plata County Commissioner candidates to tell us what their priorities will be if they win their seats. Meet Matt Salka, the Democratic candidate for the District 3 seat. Charly Minkler, the independent candidate running against Salka, did not respond to several requests to participate. (The views expressed are those of the county commissioner candidates and are presented as a public service of the Local NEWS Network.)

League of Women Voters - County Commissioners Candidate Forum - October 6, 2020

Thank you all for attending the League of Women voters of La Plata County event. If you couldn't attend, here is what you missed. Thank you to LWV, I really enjoyed talking with you all.

Relationships in La Plata County

Relationships are key to getting things accomplished. I have cultivated relationships throughout La Plata County, during my time as Mayor. I got a lot done for Bayfield, and now I want to use those relationships in bringing meaningful changes to La Plata County.

Nonpartisan and Integrity

As a non-partisan Mayor and town Trustee, I am known for my ability to look at all sides of an issue and to work compatibly with all citizens to reach effective solutions. I will continue those efforts for La Plata County as Commissioner.

3M: Meet Matt & Marsha

Topics include, our experiences, La Plata County hot topics, and questions from the audience.

La Plata County’s new land-use code clears major hurdle

I support the County Planning Commissions decision, passing the draft Land Use Code for the County Commissioners to consider. Planning Commissioners have worked on this for years. If passed by the County Commissioners, this will be a step in the right direction. As Mayor and on the planning commission for Bayfield, I understand the hard work that goes behind working on a new land use code. This living document has the potential to be fine tuned. As Commissioner, I will always be out there to listen and learn from the community to make sure they have a voice and an easier process to accomplish their goals.

Affordable Housing

Affordable Housing is a must in La Plata county. I applaud the several organizations that help with this issue. This is a good start, but we must do a whole lot more than whats happening right now.

Quality Jobs - Durango Chamber Interview

As our community grows, it's critical that we attract large and medium sized employers that will provide quality jobs for people across our County. Hardworking people across La Plata have similar goals, to provide for their families and support a good quality of life. As a leader of the Mill Street Revitalization Committee in Bayfield, I know the hard work that goes into attracting and retaining businesses. I am committed to pursuing more opportunities for our community.


Protecting the environment is important to me. I helped bring recycling and bear resistant containers to Bayfield.

Matt Salka for La Plata County Commissioner

I’m running because I want all residents to have access to great opportunities to support their families and thrive. This is Your County and I want to hear Your Voice!


Infrastructure is key to smart growth! My experiences as the Mayor of Bayfield has taught me to make real progress. I want to help keep La Plata County moving in the right direction.

La Plata Dems Club Luncheon 14 JULY 2020

The Club luncheon for the La Plata County Democrats on 14 July 2020 featuring County Commissioner candidate Matt Salka Introduction and a presentation on the division in our country by Mike Todt.

County Budget

As an elected official, I believe in governing responsibly with a balanced budget. It comes from my experience as a small business owner and is a big part of my approach as a public servant. As the Mayor of Bayfield and trustee, I have kept a balanced budget over my 6 years tenure. As County Commissioner, you can count on me to govern within our means and to keep our expenses and revenue balanced.

Future of transfer stations in Bayfield and Marvel in question

The fate of Bayfield's transfer station must be addressed. This should stay in Bayfield. As Mayor I worked closely to keep Bayfield's DMV in Bayfield. I will do the same for this transfer station.